We would suggest that you use the Guestbook tool, when you only want feedback from your participants, but do not want to facilitate a discussion. This tool has the capacity to capture participant comments with no option to reply, vote, agree nor disagree with the comments.
The administrator can choose to provide an introduction message to the Guestbook to get participants to leave their comments. The administrator can also choose if the comments should be pre or post moderated. If pre-moderated, the comment will appear on the site only after the moderation is complete. If post moderated, the comment will appear on the site straight away and only then moderation happens. When a comment is moderated out, there is no removal message displayed on the site, but the participant will be informed via email. In both cases, a configurable thank you message can be displayed once a comment is submitted by the participant.
The length of the participant submissions allowed can be configured and the number of comments displayed to the participants are not more than 10 in a page.

Since the guestbook input will be purely free form text, it is best analysed using our text analysis tool. Read our article on Reporting on Guestbook data to understand how usefully reporting information can be extracted from the Guestbook..

What's next?
Follow the technical instructions in the article on Adding a Guestbook to get started with a Guestbook for your consultation.

You can also have a look at an example of a busy guestbook tool here.

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