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Create surveys with multiple pages and rearrange questions
Create surveys with multiple pages and rearrange questions

Learn how to add pages and page headings, and to reorder pages and questions

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When you create a survey, you can add multiple pages to organize it or break it into smaller parts. This helps group sets of questions together and prevents respondents from being deterred by a long list of questions. Additionally, in multi-page surveys, logged-in users can save partially completed surveys; any completed pages (not the current one) will be saved to be submitted later.

Multi-page surveys are also essential if you want to use skip logic to create specific routes through the survey.

Add a page to your survey

You can add a page to a new or existing survey, but you should not change a survey if it has already been published.

  1. Go to Projects > Projects and select the correct project from the list.

  2. In the tools tab, select Add a tool, choose Surveys from the list, or select Edit on an existing draft survey.

  3. In the Manage Questions tab, you can start setting up your questions. It will also show you how many pages your survey currently is.

  4. To add a new page, select the + button next to your current page number or the Add New Page button below your questions.

  5. You can delete a page using the X button next to the page number, but only if there are no questions on that page.

  6. Continue adding or rearranging questions and pages until you’re happy with your survey.

  7. Remember to Save when you’re finished.

Some multi-page surveys can be long and complex, and it may help you and your participants if you create page headings and descriptions for each page. You can do this by adding the Section Title and Description question type and moving it to the top of the page.

Moving pages and questions

Moving pages around on your survey is easy, but be careful if you have applied skip logic. Moving pages with skip logic can result in a loop for your respondents. You must remove the logic, rearrange your pages, and then reapply the logic.

To move a page, select the page you want to move. Then use the three dots icon to drag and drop it into the correct place. Your page and question number sequence will automatically change to match the order, and all changes are saved automatically.

You can also drag and drop questions to rearrange them within a page. But if you need to move a question to a different page, select the Move button next to the question and select the correct page (P1, P2, New page, etc.) from the list.

Saving partially completed responses

Survey responses are saved under these conditions:

  • The respondent has registered and logged in

  • The published survey has multiple pages

Responses are saved upon selecting the Submit or Next button, so single-page surveys must be completed before they are saved. Navigating away from a single-page survey will lose the data, and the participant will need to start again.

In multi-page surveys, the responses of completed pages, but not the current page, are saved locally until the final submission. Participants can fill out several pages of a survey and return to complete it later if they choose to.

If a participant has not logged in, their responses will not be saved, and they will need to start again.

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