Adding multi-media to a survey

Learn how to add multimedia to the section title in a survey

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Using multiple media like pictures, videos and rich text in surveys is a great way to bring project information into your feedback tools. This will allow you to show your project designs and options, and provide a stimulus for feedback.

Radio button and checkbox question type allow only static images to be added to the question. However, the section title and description question type provides you with a lot of options. 

Adding a Section title to the survey

You can add this element at the top of the page or between the survey questions to describe a page or a section of the survey. A section title and description question type provide a WYSIWYG editor to add text, photos, videos, links, etc. This is very useful when there are several questions related to an image, you can create a section title with the image and follow it with other different types of questions. 

  1. On the survey page, click on "Click here to add a question", then Section Title and Description (under Page elements)

2. The section title and description question is displayed. Provide a suitable Title and Description for your section. Use the WYSIWYG editor to add your description with rich text, images, videos, etc.

Changes to the survey are saved when you click on the button Update.

NOTE - You can either provide the link to the image from the photo gallery or upload an image. 

3. The picture below illustrates how the title, the description, and the question below are displayed on the front end.

Adding hyperlinks (URLs)

You can hyperlink the text using the link icon from the text editor as shown below. If you would like the link to open in a new window, you should select the checkbox "Open in new tab".

To hyperlink a document from the library on the survey, read this article to obtain a link to the document. Once the link is obtained, you can add it as above. To add a clickable image, read our article on inserting HTML code in the description box.

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