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Should I download the Excel or PDF detailed report?
Should I download the Excel or PDF detailed report?

How to extract a report for text responses in tools like Surveys and Ideas.

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In the Detailed Report section, it is possible to download either the PDF or the Excel report. In order to get the full-text responses submitted by participants on various tools, you should download the Excel report. The difference between the PDF and the excel report is explained below. To download either report, you can select the relevant tags or Project, a custom time-frame, and then hit update, per the screenshot.

All the data of a selected project and time period will be present in the detailed report in the EXCEL format. This includes all the responses on various tools, and answers to all types of questions in Surveys, such as objective questions like checkboxes, radio buttons, and text-based questions like Single line and Essay. You can download this report and edit or modify the content of the excel file as per your needs. This report also contains the sign-up form responses, so is useful to filter your tool responses by demographics, i.e. for example, filter people by gender who have answered a particular survey question.

Reports sent via email :

While downloading reports, to avoid long wait times, admins sometimes see a pop-up that says they will receive a report download link via email. This usually happens when they are trying to :

i) Download large reports.

ii) Download smaller reports with a slower connection (poor wifi, particular network configurations, and VPN)

These reports are only accessible by logged-in admins and admins are always notified in case there is a failure in generating a report.

This email will arrive within 15-45 mins and the download link will expire after 24 hours

Note: 1. Responses made to "Other's please specify" will be available in the detailed excel report, survey analysis report, and detailed survey pdf report.

2. The PDF generator we currently use does not support Mandarin/Gurumukhi characters. We only support the Roman Script on PDFs, as of now.

The PDF report is used to show the data in a form that is easy to understand, like in graphs and charts. So this report avoids the text submissions in tools like surveys, for instance responses received for single, essay or other text bases questions, which are difficult to interpret in the form of graphs.

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