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About the Newsfeed tool

How participants can interact with the Newsfeed tool

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The Newsfeed tool displays news articles that are useful for providing consultation updates and information. You can use the articles to communicate information, highlight events, showcase project updates, or close the loop by informing the community of project outcomes.

The Newsfeed tool differs from Newsletters, which use email communications to participant groups; articles in the Newsfeed tool are displayed on the project page.

Participants can access news articles from the project page; you can Preview the project to see it in the tool tab or Preview the article to see it on a standalone page. The Title and Description of each news item are the title and body content of the article.

Participants can:

  • Read each news article in the project’s tool tab. If you have truncated the article, they will have to select Continue reading to read the complete content.

  • Comment on news articles and read other users’ comments if you have enabled it. Participants can also select the pen icon to Edit their comments.

  • Like or Dislike other users’ comments or select Alert moderator to report a comment. Users cannot Like or Dislike their own comments.

  • Tag another user who has commented on the article by typing an @ symbol and their screen name. Tagged participants will receive an email notifying them with a link to View comment.

  • Filter articles by News Categories to see all articles within that category. Categories display on the standalone article page unless you’re using the News Categories widget.

  • Use the social share options to share the article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email.

You can start providing regular updates by adding the Newsfeed tool to your project.

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