Participant’s questions (raised at the front end) are displayed on the Manage Questions page of EHQ (back end). These questions are answered by administrators and submitted. All participants can view only those questions that have public responses. Questions that are unanswered or have a private response are not displayed at the front end. 

Publicly answered questions both show the name of the participant and the timestamp of when the question was asked. Questions asked by EHQ admins will not display any screen name. This way you can use the tool to showcase FAQs as well.

NOTE: To understand the process of adding this tool in an administrator’s project page, see article Add Q&A (Questions & Answers).

You will see all the participant questions populated here under different tabs;                  New, Privately Answered, Publicly Answered, Archived and Junk.

To respond to a question, an administrator must perform the following steps:

  • Answer Privately – Click this option to allow ONLY that participant who raised the query to view the response. In this case, other participants cannot view the response of the administrator.
  • Answer Publicly – Click this option to allow all participants to view the response.

Once the relevant option has been selected, a response text box will be visible. Enter a response in the text box and click Save. The response can be formatted using various formatting options available in the editor.

When the buttons for "Answer publicly" or "Answer privately" are clicked and the questions answered and saved, they will move to the respective tabs.

If a question received on the Q&A tool is irrelevant you can choose to Archive the question. A publicly answered question can be archived. This will ensure that it is not displayed at the front end any more. The option to Archive can be seen below the question.

Note - The Privately Answered questions also have the option to Archive.

Once archived you can choose to move the question to the Junk folder. Only when answered can a question either be archived or junked.

From the Junk folder, you can delete the question at any time, by clicking on Delete.

Delete will permanently remove the question.
Note - At any point before deletion you can click the Restore link to put the question back to where it was before.

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