This article helps system administrators to understand the appearance and process of using the Guest Book tool, from the front end. The tool settings are done by the administrator in EHQ (back end), and these settings are reflected at the front end. Participants use the front end section of Guest Book to receive feedback from the community.

The following steps describe how to preview and access various features of the Guest Book tool at the front end.

  1. Select the Projects link from the top menu of EHQ and click on your specific project from the list. This displays the project’s Manage page.

2. In the Manage page, click on Guest Book from the Tools list. 

The following Guest Book page is displayed.

3. In the Guest Book page, click the Preview link. The following front end screen is displayed. This is the page that a participant can view and access.

NOTE: Only Published guest books are visible to participants. Unpublished guest books are in the ‘Draft’ state and can be viewed only by administrators in the Preview mode.

Understanding Front End of the Guest Book Tool This section aims to explain steps involved in using the Guest Book tool. Participants use this screen to provide their feedback regarding various issues within the community. The below figure helps system administrators to understand how changes made in the back end are implemented in the front end.

The front end screen of the Guest Book tool is quite easy to understand. Participants must perform the following steps in this screen.

1. Click on the Guest Book option. The following screen is displayed.
NOTE: The number of tools displayed in the front end depends on the number of tools activated or enabled in the selected project’s Manage page. 

If a character limit has been selected a character countdown will be displayed.

2. Enter the feedback in the box and click Submit. The following acknowledgement message is displayed.

System administrator provided acknowledgement message in the Guest Book settings are displayed as illustrated in the figure below.

By performing the above actions, participants have successfully used the Guest Book tool.

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