This article helps system understand the participants view of the Ideas tool and the process of using various features of the tool. The tool settings are done by the administrator in EHQ (back end), and these settings are reflected at the front end. Ideas enables participants to express their ideas related to a pre-set topic created by the administrator. To understand the process of adding and using the Ideas tool, click Add the Ideas Tool to your project.

The following steps describe how to preview and access various features of the Ideas tool at the front end.

Select the Projects link from the Left menu of EHQ and click on your specific project from the list. 

This displays the project's Manage Page. Click on the Ideas tab from the existing tool list. 

In the Ideas page, click the Preview button for the required topic. The following front end view of the selected topic is displayed. This is the page that a participant can view and access.

Understanding the front end of the Ideas tool

This section aims to explain various features of the Ideas tool available at the front end. Participants use this screen to share their ideas regarding a particular topic. The below figure helps system to understand how changes made in the back end are implemented in the front end.

The front end screen of the Ideas tool is quite easy to understand and use. Illustrated below are the steps to be followed by participants to add an Idea :

1. Click on the Add Your Idea button.

If Ideas are already present, the screen looks similar to the below.

The following screen is displayed for a participant to provide their input.

2. Enter an idea in the Add your idea section. In this case, the idea can consist of maximum 140 characters.
3. Enter a short description in the Enter a short description section. However, this is optional.
4. The participant can Upload Image, if you have enabled the option in the tool settings.
As the participant enters an idea in the right side of this screen, the preview is simultaneously displayed on the left side.

5. Click Add Idea button to ensure the idea entered is saved. Participants can click Cancel NOT to add the idea.
The idea is displayed as below. To add more ideas, the participant can click the Add your idea button again.

6. Share the idea by clicking on Share. The following options are displayed.

Click the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email symbol to share the idea with people. Click the x to close these options.

7. The participant can edit or delete his idea after submitting it. They need to first open their idea, then use the options on the right-hand top corner as illustrated below.

Note: Participants can delete their idea within 30 minutes of posting. This is the default duration of each session. However, if there is a comment added to the Idea they will not be able to delete the Idea.

8. To search for an idea, enter the title of the idea in the Search for ideas box.

9. To sort ideas, click on Discover which is alongside the search bar. To sort based on time, click Oldest or Newest. To sort ideas based on votes of other participants, click Most Votes. To sort based on comments, click Most Comments.

10. A participant can click on any of the idea's submitted by other participants to view it, share it using the links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email also vote by clicking the heart symbol. Add "Voting by anonymous participants is allowed only if unverified participation is enabled.

If commenting is allowed, then a box will be present where the participant can comment and click on Post to save their comments on the Idea. 

11. A participant can also report an idea to the administrator by clicking on the options on the right hand corner of the idea and selecting Report Idea.

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