Introduction to the ideas tool (previously called the brainstormer tool).

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Imagine a room filled with people adding great ideas on a wall and sticking little hearts to other people's ideas when they like this. Idea tool would do the same on an online space.

Idea tool allows a user to add their ideas and vote on ideas that have already been posted by other users. The idea tool is simple in its design and you can use it to get the community involved in your consultation quickly and easily.

Participants can post as many ideas as they like or contribute by voting on other people's ideas. These votes can be very powerful as they engage your visitors with one click.

What exactly is 'Ideation'?

It is the creative process of generating ideas, in any shape or form. There are different techniques that can be used in the ideation process and brainstorming is arguably the most well-known process.

When should I use an idea tool?

When you want to generate ideas for, internal or external engagement. For example, you would like to re-design a park. You can get your community involved to share their ideas about how to enhance the park. You might want to keep your tool open, by not restricting the type of ideas you are after ("Share your ideas how to improve our park"), or by focusing your community's ideas on a specific aspect of the park ("Share your ideas about what to do with the public BBQ area").

Another example would be to use this tool for photo contests which will allow participants to upload photos and also vote on other entries.

What does it look like?

Like this. But don't look here, go into your EngagementHQ now and start exploring it in your own projects.

How does it look for a participant?

An image of the participant's ideas displayed in the Ideas tool.

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