Can participant contributions in tools be deleted?

Learn how to delete contributions added by participants in tools.

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If for any reason a participant's contribution to a tool needs to be removed, it can either be done by an administrator or by our support team depending on the respective tool. Read below to understand this functionality in each of the tools.

NOTE - If a comment was added for testing purposes to an unpublished tool, you can refer to the article for a better understanding of the same.

Forum / Guestbook / News Feed Comments

Participant and Administrator comments can be removed with the help of the support team. Contact us via chat or email at to remove the comment.

Quick Poll

Submission to a quick poll cannot be deleted. Participants have the option to change their vote.

An administrator can email us at or contact us via chat to delete a quick poll vote.


Administrators have the option to Archive the question. Publicly answered questions once archived are removed from the project page. After archiving, the question can be moved to junk, from where it can be deleted by site admins.


An administrator can email us at or contact us via chat to remove the comment.


Administrators have the option to Reject a story even if previously accepted and vice versa. Once rejected a story will not be visible on the project page.

The process of deleting a comment on the stories tool would be the same as that of deleting a forum comment.

Survey Responses

To delete responses that are submitted erroneously by participants or as a test by admins, download the Detailed Excel report for the specific survey. In this report, your will notice a response ID available in the last column of the report. Send this response ID with the project name and survey name to or contact us via chat for deletion. However, spam responses cannot be deleted. 


An administrator can email us at or contact us via chat to remove an idea contribution.

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