Can Contributions in Tools be Deleted?

Contact us for help with deleting admin and participant contributions.

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In general, contributions from either admins or participants can only be removed by our support team. If you need us to delete a contribution, please email or chat with us and provide:

  • The project and tool URL

  • The contributor’s screen name

  • Date and time of the response

Please contact us for help deleting contributions for:

  • Forum: Participant and admin comments

  • Guestbook: Participant and admin comments

  • Newsfeed: Participant and admin comments

  • Quick poll: Participant and admin votes – please note that registered users can still change their vote.

  • Places: Participants and admin pins and comments

  • Stories: Participant and admin comments on stories

  • Surveys: Participant submissions, please also include the response ID, found in the Detail Excel report for the survey – please note that admins can delete test responses

  • Ideas: Participant and admin idea posts

Please note that like and dislike votes for Ideas, Newsfeed comments, and Forum comments cannot be deleted. There are also two exceptions for deleting submissions:

  • Q&A: In the Manage Questions tab, admins can Archive questions to remove them from the site. After archiving, they can be moved to the Junk folder, from which they can be deleted.

  • Stories: Admins have the option to Reject story submissions; rejected stories are not visible on the site.

If you need us to delete a contribution, please email or chat with us and provide the details of what needs to be removed.

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