Use Photos to Display an Image Gallery

Add an image gallery to your project using the Photos widget

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The Photos widget adds an image gallery to your project page so you can display essential photos, visual information, and images. For example, you can display images of:

  • Concept plans and designs

  • Areas affected by the consultation

  • Photos submitted by the community

  • Photos from a consultation event

  • Construction or upgrades in progress

Each photo has a Caption and Description field. The Caption is displayed on the project page and standalone gallery page, and the Description is shown below the image on the standalone gallery page. The Caption is also the alt text for the image and defaults to the file name; we recommend changing it to ensure it is accurate and without any punctuation or file extension.

The standalone Photos page contains the complete image gallery and allows users to flip through all the images in the widget.

Please always ensure you have permission to use the photos in your gallery, especially with any images sourced from the community.

Add the Photos widget

Widgets are listed in the right-hand content area of your project page. To add Photos:

  1. Select Add Widgets on your project page.

  2. Choose Photos from the Select Widgets menu.

  3. By default, the widget is called Photos; you can use the pen icon next to the title to edit it. If you don’t want a title, check the Hide title box.

  4. Select Add Photos from the Add Photos dropdown menu to upload an image.

  5. Choose and open the image from your computer.

  6. Select the pen icon next to the image to edit the Caption and Description. The Caption doubles as alt text and will be the file name by default.

  7. Save & Close and repeat steps 4-7 to add as many images as required.

  8. You can also select Copy Existing Photo to use one from another project. Choose the project from the Select project dropdown menu, check each image you want to copy, and select Add to Widget.

  9. You can drag and drop your images to reorder them, use the pen icon to edit them, or the bin icon to delete them. The pin icon indicates that the image will show on the project page.

  10. You can also choose how to order your photos and use the number field to decide how many to show. Any additional images are visible behind the More... link, which takes you to the standalone Photos widget page. You can choose from:

    • Show Top (in the order the photos are in)

    • Show Recent (the most recently added first)

  11. Preview your project to see how the widget looks.

Widgets are automatically saved and published to your project and listed in the widgets section of your project page. The Photos widget will show how many images are in the widget. You can also use the dropdown menu to Show or Hide it on your project, the bin icon to delete it, or select the title to edit it.

You can only upload one image at a time from your computer, but you can add as many Photos widgets as necessary.

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