Use a photo gallery to liven up your project.

Understand how to use the Photos widget to display images.

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Photos allow you to present important visual information about your consultation. The Photos widget helps admins add, edit and manage photos within a project. You can choose photos of your choice. Photos widget must be added and configured to customise the display of photos on your EngagementHQ page. Each Photo widget is independent of the other. You can have more than one Photos widget in a project. 

The following steps describe how to set up this widget on your EngagementHQ page:

Select the Projects link in the sidebar of EngagementHQ and click on your specific project. You can use the Search box to locate the required project.

Click on the title of your project. In this case, the project in which the widget is to be added is “Sample project for EngagementHQ”. You can view the selected project’s page.

Click on the Add Widgets button to add the Photos widget to your project. A list of widgets is displayed on a draw from the right of the screen. Click on Photos.                      

Now, you can view the Photos page on your screen. This page enables you to add photos and copy existing ones from other projects.

In the Photos page, click on the Add Photos button to add photos to your project’s Photos widget. On clicking this button, you can see that there are two options available for uploading photos. These are Add Photo and Copy Existing Photo.

Add Photo
Click on this option to add new photos to the Photos widget of your project page.
Select the photo and click the Open button. The uploaded photo’s details are displayed on the Photos page.

Similarly, you can add multiple photos using the Add Photos button. You can edit details of a photo by clicking on pencil icon. The Edit Photo page is displayed.

In the Edit Photo page, enter an alternate caption in the Caption box. Enter a description for the uploaded photo in the Description box. There is no character limit for the description field. Click on Save & Close to save the photo. You can also delete an uploaded photo by clicking on the 'Bin' icon on the right.

Note : Delete action cannot be undone. The information will be deleted permanently. 

Copy Existing Photo 

This option allows you to copy an existing photo from another project to your current project. To perform this action, click on the Copy Existing Photo option.

The Copy Existing Photo page is displayed. 

In the Select Project box, select the project from which you want to copy the photos. All photos available in the selected project are displayed on the screen. You can copy all photos by selecting the Select All checkbox. Finally, click the Add to Widget button to add the photo(s) to your project.   

The photos are now available in your project’s Photos widget as indicated in the image below.

Widget Name

You can choose to change the name of the widget to make it more meaningful in your project context. To do this, enter the new name or title in the Title box. 

Select the Hide title checkbox if you do not want the title to appear in the published project. After making the necessary changes in the Settings page, click on the cross on the top right to exit the widget. You may also just click outside the widget to close the section. For a better understanding of the Hide title checkbox, the preview of the widget with the Hide title checkbox selected is given below.

Also, the Photos widget page contains a drop-down menu with the following two options: Show Top and Show Recent, as displayed below.

Click on Show Top, to show the photos ordered by date (oldest photo first). Click on Show recent, to show the most recent photos (newest photo first). In the box next to the drop-down menu, enter the number of photos to be visible in the preview of the published project. You can also click on the arrows to increase or decrease the number of links to be displayed in the preview. A pushpin icon next to the photos indicates that these photos will be displayed in the preview of the published project. 

Similarly, in the next image, Show Recent is selected and the count entered is 2.   

After you have added the photos to your project, the number of photos added in the widget is displayed on your project page.      

You can then preview the project by clicking on the Preview button located in the top end of your project page. Clicking on the button displays participant’s view of all the tools and widgets published in the project.

The preview is displayed in a new tab as indicated below. Click on the more.. link to `view all the photos. The link 'more...' appears only if all the photos have not been selected. All photos can be selected by increasing the count next to the field show top/recent.

Note - The option of the photo order for show recent is applicable only for the widget on the project page. On the standalone page, the images will appear in the order of the date of creation (oldest to newest).

If you do not want the Photos widget to be displayed in the published project, select the Hide option. If you want to permanently delete the Photos widget from your project, select the Delete option.

Given below is the preview of the project with the Hide option selected.

To edit the Photos widget, click on the widget name displayed in your project page.

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