Enable the 'other' option.

Let participants choose the 'other' option when answering a checkbox, radio, or dropdown question type.

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On Choice questions, admins provide the options from which participants can choose. You can also enable an ‘Other’ option for Dropdown, Radio, and Checkbox questions. Enabling this provides an extra ‘other’ option and a conditional text box for the participant to provide their own answer. Please note that if a participant selects Other, they must also provide an answer in the text box before continuing or submitting their response.

For example, a question you might ask is: Would you like us to contact you about any of the following?

  • New consultations

  • Our regular engagement newsletter

  • Updates to ongoing projects

  • Other (please specify)

If the participant chooses 'Other', a text box will appear for them to enter their response.

To enable this option:

  1. In the Manage Questions tab of your survey, add or select a Dropdown, Radio, or Checkbox question.

  2. Configure the choices you want to provide.

  3. Under the Options, toggle Allow other option on and the other option will appear. By default, this option is labeled “Other (please specify)” but you can edit this label as necessary.

  4. Update the question and Save your settings.

You can access the responses made to the other option by downloading a detailed Excel or survey report or using the survey analysis tool.

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