Face to face public meetings, events and workshops play a role in most engagement methodologies. Managing the logistics of these often takes considerable time:

  • limitations on attendee numbers based on the space,
  • location changes prior to the event
  • managing calendar invites for attendees, and
  • communicating all of these prior to and post event.

How about using Eventbrite within your engagement project to invite, promote and manage your attendees?

An example of an Eventbrite embed in an EHQ project page is shown below.

To use Eventbrite in EHQ, follow the below instructions.

  1. Firstly  log in to Eventbrite and create an event

2. Next, use Eventbrite's instruction to get the embed code for their classic style widgets OR new embedded checkout widgets.
3. In EHQ site, open your desired project page and add a new custom widget.

4. Click on the </> icon in the editor and paste the embed code copied from Eventbrite here.

5. Update the code to type in the 2 lines highlighted in red as below:

6. Once you paste the embed code copied from Eventbrite click the </> icon again to come out of the code view and then click Save & Close.
7. You can edit the name of the widget "Custom" by clicking the Pencil icon, to make it more meaningful to your audience.

8. Preview your page to make sure it is working as expected or contact our support team for assistance.

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