Embed Eventbrite Events on your Project

Display Eventbrite events in your project page using a custom widget to encourage attendance.

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Many organizations use platforms such as Eventbrite to organize public meetings, events, and workshops for their engagements. By embedding events on your project pages, you can manage and communicate logistics such as:

  • Attendee numbers

  • Location changes

  • Calendar invites

You can use custom widgets on your project page to invite, promote, and manage Eventbrite events.

To embed an Eventbrite event on your project page:

  1. On your EngagementHQ site, open the relevant project, select Add Widgets, choose Custom, and select < > to open Code View.

  2. Paste the Eventbrite embed code in the code field.

  3. Select < > again to close Code View and choose the rest of your settings or content. For example, you want to use the pen icon to change the widget’s title or check the box Hide it.

  4. Save & Close the widget.

We recommend previewing your project to ensure the embed code is working correctly. If you run into problems, Eventbrite provides some troubleshooting tips, or you can contact our support team.

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