EngagementHQ Availability and Disaster Recovery

What is the RTO of EngagementHQ? What is the RPO of EngagementHQ? What backups are maintained? Client data restoration possible?

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We guarantee 99.75% availability and our uptimes have historically remained above “three 9s” (99.9%). Our guarantee is backed by our SLAs.

Our Disaster Recovery plan is tested annually or when there is a major change in our environment, either to our infrastructure or application. Lessons learned from these tests are incorporated back into the plan.

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)- worst case time to restore service in a disaster as 6 hours.

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) - worst case time to restore data loss in a disaster as 24 hours.

We are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and leverage their high availability infrastructure for application and data restoration. In addition, we take a complete server snapshot daily, which is maintained for 15 days.

In case of an emergency or a disaster situation we are able to retrieve and restore data from a single point-in-time in our recovery period on behalf of a client, however, we do not offer any Client managed data restore options.

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