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How EngagementHQ communicates product changes and updates

Here's how we make sure we give everyone ample notice of any feature or functionality updates

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At EngagementHQ, we understand the importance of effective communication to keep our valued users informed about the latest product updates and changes. We strive to provide clear, concise and engaging information that empowers our users to make the most of our platform. In this article, we'll explain our approach to communicating changes, ensuring that you stay up-to-date and can adapt seamlessly to any modifications we introduce.

All product changes are grouped into the following categories:

  • UX/UI Improvement: Features that improve the look and feel, usability and/or reduce friction from the platform experience.

  • Minor Update: Small negligible changes with minimal impact. Generally includes Bug fixes, patches or quick fixes that don’t warrant a new version of that feature or application.

  • New Feature: New use case with impact. Customer education and/or action required.

  • Major Update: Large complex changes with substantial impact. With customer action required. Generally involves new components that replace a previous version of a feature or existing application.

Regardless of category, every change will be reflected in our changelog in the first week of every new month. Access the changelog via our in-platform chat function or here: To get notified anytime there is a new update posted, subscribe to push notifications.

Please note: The system automatically generates release note notifications. Please be aware that this inbox is not actively monitored and is managed independently from Granicus emails. To control your preferences for marketing material, click here. If you need to get in touch with the EngagementHQ team, please use the chat function located at the bottom right of the screen.

In addition, customers are notified of Major Updates and New Features via a feature release email and an announcement notification in their EngagementHQ home dashboard, which include links to learning material and resources designed to help users familiarise themselves with the change e.g. release notes, product tours or training invites.

Identify New Features in EngagementHQ by looking for the purple 'new' tag or dot notification.

We understand that questions and concerns may arise when changes are made. We offer dedicated support channels, such as our helpdesk and live chat, to address them promptly. Our support team can assist you, clarify doubts, and guide you through the transition. Contact us if you have any questions about the changes we have implemented.

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