By consulting with stakeholder groups(which includes you) we gain an understanding of how, when and why EHQ is being used. This ensures that we build products that are sensitive to the nuances of the community engagement space and practitioners. 

So if you feel that EHQ is missing something or there is something EHQ must have then let us know by writing to us at Our support team will log this request, which will feed into our product roadmap.

Below is our feature request lifecycle.

EngagementHQ is a web-based software platform provided by Bang the Table. The platform receives regular and continuous updates. When we are ready to introduce a new feature, we consult with select clients who have agreed in advance to try out new functionality. The feature is turned on in the administration panel by a Bang the Table Project Manager for the client to try out. If the feature meets your approval, it is left on. Otherwise, it can be toggled off, and the previous instance restored.

You will be informed about new features to EHQ via, emails, in-Dashboard announcements and the in-app support window pop-ups.

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