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About the Guestbook Tool

Understand when you should use a Guestbook in your engagement.

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The Guestbook tool lets your community leave feedback without facilitating discussion. The tool captures participant comments in plain text with no option to reply, vote, agree, or disagree with those comments. Additionally, admins cannot reply to participants' posts; this tool is best used to gather feedback without facilitating discussion.

Admins can add one Guestbook per project, with an introduction to the tool, so participants know how to engage. This tool is moderated, and Admins can choose if it’s pre- or post-moderated. Pre-moderated comments are only posted after moderation, while post-moderated comments are posted on the site first before moderation.

Admins can also configure the submission length allowed and a thank you message that appears after the participant submits. We recommend using the Text analysis feature to report on your Guestbook.

Using the Guestbook tool

Admins can Preview the Guestbook tool after they add it to the project page. When a Guestbook is published, participants can:

  • See the Title you give the Guestbook and an introductory Description above a space to leave and Submit their comment. The comment space only allows text, with no capacity for rich media such as images or videos. Depending on your moderation setting, the comment will appear on the site immediately or after being moderated.

  • If you have set a character limit, the text field will show how many characters the user has left to use.

  • If you have enabled Unverified participation, the participant must provide a screen name and email and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  • Once the participant has submitted their comment, they will see a Thank you message, which you can configure in the settings. Users can also use the pen icon to edit and Update their comments and the bin icon to Delete it.

  • Participants can see all other comments left by other users but cannot reply, like, or dislike them.

Add a Guestbook to your project, and your participants can start leaving their feedback.

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