Editing emails generated by moderation actions

Learn about how moderation emails work and what changes you can make to the templates.

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If you have selected to utilise plain-text email notifications on your EngagementHQ site, you will have the option to edit the template for emails generated by moderation actions.

In this article, we explain what these emails are and some important things to consider before you edit these templates.

What they do

There are three email templates which get used when a participant on your site has their input deleted (moderated out) by our PeaceKeeper moderation team for being in-breach of the moderation guidlines.

These include;

  1. When the user submits a username 

  2. When the user submits a comment 

  3. When the user adds a forum topic

Each of these actions will trigger a decision by the moderation team which will then trigger one of the emails as per below.

Changed screen name email

This email will be sent to your participants when they register on your site with a screen name that is in breach of the moderation guidelines.

When our moderators find a screen name that is in breach of our moderation guidelines, they will edit the users screen name to something similar to the submitted screen name and the user will be notified via this email notification.

Variables are used in the email to auto-populate participant information and these can be seen below the text editor.

We highly recommend that you always ensure you have included the {{link}} to the moderation rules as well as the {{old_username}} and {{new_username}} of your participants.

This will ensure they have a record of the changes as well as an explanation as to why their username was amended.

Removed by moderator email

This is the most important moderation email which gets sent to your participants when their comments are deleted for breaching moderation rules.

It contains all of the information about the users comments, the reason it was deleted and also any other comments directed at the user by the moderator.

We highly recommend that you do not amend this email template (remove variables or links) other than to add a custom description and a branding signature if you desire.

This is a crucial communication between our moderators and your participants and if you remove important variables you might unintentionally impact this important communication.

Topic moderation email

Topic moderation email notifications are sent to your participants when they start a new forum topic which is in breach of the site moderation guidlines.

This email also contains important variables, which help communicate the moderators decision to remove the forum topic with the participant, as per the other moderation emails outlined above.

Best practice

Our best practice advice for moderation emails is to simply leave them as default or only adapt them slightly with branding elements or alternate text.

Since we handle this process for you we highly recommend you to choose our HTML email notification option and not have to worry about this process at all.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email support@engagementhq.com

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