Step 1: Plan your projects
Before you begin you need to plan for your first projects.
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When setting up your new EngagementHQ site, it's essential that you come up with a list of launch projects to consult on.

These projects will be the first consultations you run using your new EngagementHQ portal, so it's important that you select a range of issues that will resonate with your community and excite them about being a part of your new site.

Having a good range of projects available and ready on launch day helps to create a strong value proposition for your community.

This helps you to drive registrations from day one and demonstrates your commitment to engaging online.

It's also important to maintain momentum after you "go live" by continually adding new projects to your portal, so it's a good idea to plan for these too.

Below are five tips to help you plan for your first projects.

  1. Select at least four current projects for participants to consult when you "go live".

  2. Use a range of engagement tools on your first projects to demonstrate the depth of engagement activities you have invested in.

  3. Choose projects which are relevant to a broad section of your community as well as those which might be hotly debated.

  4. Integrate your site launch promotion into the project plans for your chosen projects.

  5. If you can't think of any official projects, consider using lighter forms of engagement such as a generic forums page with some topical conversations, an ideas wall or mapping activity, or even just a simple Questions tool portal.

By ensuring that you have a range of projects and content available on launch day you will better set yourself up for success.

Planning for these projects in advance will also help you prepare all of the collateral you require, such as images, copy, and engagement questions.

This will make it easier to get your site launched in a shorter period of time.

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