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Before you begin you need to plan for your first projects.

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The first projects you run on your new EngagementHQ site are vital to your success. The goal is to excite your community by encouraging participation. 

Your launch projects should resonate with your community, drive registration, and show your commitment to engaging online.

Planning these projects will ensure that all your copy, images, tools, and questions are ready to go.

Here are some tips for planning your first projects:

  • Select at least four projects for participation and ensure they are ready to go live.

  • Use a range of engagement tools on your first projects to display the ease and interactivity of your new site.

  • Choose projects relevant to your wider community and some that cause lively debate.

  • Promote your chosen projects with your site launch to attract participants.

  • If you still need to get official projects ready, use our tools to boost lighter forms of engagement. This includes generic forum pages with topical conversations, an ideas wall or mapping activity, or a Questions tool.

Remember to maintain momentum by frequently planning and adding new projects.

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