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My Campaign Monitor List is smaller than my EngagementHQ Participant List
My Campaign Monitor List is smaller than my EngagementHQ Participant List

If you are using our Campaign Monitor Integration, you might notice there is a difference in numbers between the two lists. Here is why.

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If you see a difference in numbers, consider this:

  1. The sync between EngagementHQ and Campaign Monitor brings across verified, subscribed participants; and project followers.

    • Verified – verified participants have completed their registration process. If they were Imported or Invited, they must have logged in at least once.

    • Subscribed – subscribed participants have not elected to ‘unsubscribe’ from your EngagementHQ newsletters

    • Project followers Users who have added their email address to a ‘Follow project’ widget.

  2. Once added to your Campaign Monitor list, participants can unsubscribe from your Campaign Monitor communications. These participants will be removed from your list and added to the Campaign Monitor ‘suppression list’

  3. The sync is only run once per day. Your most recently registered EngagementHQ participants might not have been synced to your Campaign Monitor list yet.

  4. The sync brings across the Admins from your EngagementHQ Team and includes them in the Campaign Monitor list.

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