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Display and link your widget in full screen rather than the standard size.

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Some EngagementHQ widgets allow for a large amount of content, and you can specify how many items you want to show in the widget content area or hide the widget altogether.

For example, you may have a series of videos about your consultation, a substantial document library, or an extensive photo gallery of a recently completed playground. If there are more items than you specify, they will be hidden behind a More... link.

In addition to this link, you may want to highlight a link in your project description to send visitors directly to the widget’s full page.

For most widgets, you can create this link by adding the widget name to the end of your project page’s URL. For example, if a project’s URL is, to link to that project’s document library, you would just add /documents to the end of the URL. In the example above, the link would be

If you can’t determine which link is correct, you can copy the More... link from your project Preview and use that. After retrieving the link, you can add it elsewhere on your site, such as creating a button link or creating a link in your header to a dedicated FAQs page.

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