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How can I view my widgets as a full screen page?
How can I view my widgets as a full screen page?

Display your widget in full screen rather than the standard size.

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In your consultation, if you want to present a number of photos or videos in a single page instead of just one standard widget on the side of the project page, this can be done.  For example, if you require a number of embedded videos on a dedicated video page, first, add some videos to the video gallery. Then if you simply put /videos at the end of your page URL you can view the videos as a full page gallery. An example URL - Then it's simple to link to this page either via the main menu of your site or by hyperlinking text anywhere throughout your project.

For example , see screenshot below.

This same principle applies to most of our widgets i.e. if you would like to view the document library from a project as a full page you can do so by adding /documents to the end of the page URL. And simply hyperlink to that URL, for example -

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