EngagementHQ Hubs is built for large organisations who require centralised management of their online engagement activities, but want to empower departments or specific users to setup and manage their own unique collection of online engagement projects.

This feature is suited to organisations who have a high volume of consultation activities and are required to manage large and separate stakeholder databases in a coordinated way. 

EHQ Hubs allows for organisations to nominate unique administrators to manage a dedicated hub or collection of projects within an existing EHQ site. 

Hubs make it easy to organise projects by department, theme or any other categorisation that may be required. 

A Hub Administrator has full access to setup and manage projects, add team members, manage stakeholders, send email campaigns and report on their dedicated projects.

If you are not sure if you have a EHQ Hubs license, speak to your engagement manager or contact our support team via chat or email at support@engagementhq.com.

How does EngagementHQ Hubs allow me to organise my projects?

The graphic above shows a visual representation of how a Hub helps to organise projects. 

At the top of the tree you can see the main site homepage of your online engagement portal. 

This homepage can be populated with a combination of featured projects or links to your unique Hub pages as required. 

At the secondary level, you can see a breakdown of different Hubs and Projects. 

Each of these Hubs might be a different department within your organisation or they can be established around different types of consultations ie. Planning Proposals Hub, Feedback Hub, Policy Amendment Hub etc. 

Each Hub page acts as a secondary homepage for organising and showcasing projects and can be administered by a unique Hub Administrator, who can create and publish projects as required. 

There is no limit on the amount of Hubs you can create as part of EHQ Hubs license.

The third and final branch depicts all of the projects which might be associated with each Hub. 

There is no limit on how many projects can be published under each Hub and each project can be assigned to a Project Administrator to manage. 

Projects are associated with Hubs during the project creation process and are identified by unique Hub tags.

How do I get started with EngagementHQ Hubs?

EngagementHQ Hubs are available as a annual or multi-year license. 

For all inquiries, please contact our sales team via support@engagementhq.com to discuss the suitability of Enterprise Edition for your organisation.

Once you have access to this functionality you can quickly get started by completing the following;

  1. Read through our Hub Admin User Guide 
  2. Create a new Hub
  3. Add a new Hub Administrator
  4. Assign projects to your Hub
  5. Assign a Hub to your site homepage (Site Admins only)
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