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About EngagementHQ Hubs

Understand how hubs allows you to organise and manage your projects.

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EngagementHQ Hubs are collections of projects managed by specific departments or users. Hubs are a fantastic solution for organizations that require centralized management of a high volume of consultations.

Hubs can help you:

  • Organize collections of projects by department, theme, or any other category.

  • Delineate large projects with many parts into more palatable content.

  • Empower specific team members to create and manage relevant projects, participants, campaigns, and reports.

  • Declutter your homepage and create separate landing pages for each Hub.

The graphic below gives an insight into how you can use Hubs to organize your site.

As you can see, your homepage is still your site's main landing page, and you can present Hubs and individual projects side-by-side. However, Hubs let you organize the projects on your site into collections.

Start using Hubs

You can use Hubs on the Enterprise Edition of EngagementHQ, available as an annual or multi-year license. You can also add up to five Hubs onto your license, while there are no limits if you're on an Enterprise license. There are no limits on how many projects you can publish under a Hub.

For all inquiries, please contact our support team, and we can discuss which option would be most suitable for your organization.

Once you have access to Hubs, you can get started by checking out:

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