Linking EngagementHQ with other social media tools 

  • Switch on the social media sharing option to make it easy for participants to share the consultation with their friends and followers. 

  • Add “follow us on” Facebook and Twitter buttons to the top of the widgets column with HTML links through to either/both sites. 

  • Embed a Twitter stream widget into EHQ with your tweets, mentions of your organisation, use of a speci c project #hash-tag etc. 

  • Embed a comment stream from your Facebook page.

  • Embed YouTube videos in the video player and/or in the advanced widgets.

  • Embed a Flickr photo gallery in one of the advanced widgets. 

  • Embed an Instagram slideshow using a project #hash-tag in the advanced widgets. 

  • Embed a Slideshare presentation in one of the advanced widgets. 

  • Embed any of the above rich media into the newsfeed or forum topics. 

  • Run FB page consultation in parallel to EHQ consultation. 

  • Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to the EHQ site. Use Google ads as above. 

  • Use the FB page to let people know about consultations on the EHQ site. 

  • Use Twitter as above. 

  • Post interesting comments from the EHQ forums on the FB page and Twitter stream. 

  • Report back on the outcomes of EHQ consultations via FB and Twitter. 

  • Report back when the project/program has been implemented via FB and Twitter... reflect back on the original consultation. 

  • Setup RSS feeds from the forum topics to display in a “comment widget” on the corporate site. 

Download a copy of this Tip Sheet - 

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