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Archive, Unpublish, or Delete a Tool
Archive, Unpublish, or Delete a Tool

Learn when to use the archive , unpublish and delete feature for tools

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All engagement tools can be archived, unpublished, or deleted independently of your project. This allows you to close the loop for each engagement activity and close submissions for tools without archiving the project or removing the tool from the live page.

The three options are different, and you should choose the most appropriate for the tool.

  • Archive: you should archive a published tool to stop receiving submissions. Archiving will close submissions for participants and indicate that the discussion is closed, but the tool will still be visible to them. Additionally, admins can still contribute to an archived tool, as is the case with submitting hard-copy responses to surveys.

  • Unpublish: you can unpublish a published tool to move it back to draft and take it off the live site. This is useful if you want to edit your tool or hide it from participants.

  • Delete: you can delete a tool from your project to completely and permanently remove it; you cannot restore a deleted tool. You can only delete a tool if it has no submissions, including any admin responses. You’ll need to contact our support team to delete contributions from a tool.

To Archive, Unpublish, or Delete:

  1. Go to the tool in the project’s tool tab.

  2. On the published tool, use the status dropdown menu to select Archive or Unpublish.

  3. Once archived, you can use the same dropdown to Unarchive and take it back to published.

  4. If unpublished, you can use the same dropdown to Publish it again.

  5. If there are no contributions, use the Delete button to remove the tool from your project permanently. If there are contributions, the Delete button becomes unavailable.

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