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My file isn't uploading on the Document Library widget
My file isn't uploading on the Document Library widget

Use these tips to help rectify commonly seen errors while uploading a document or image.

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If you are having trouble uploading your document to EngagementHQ try the following tips to see if you can resolve your issues.

Check the filename

A common cause for not being unable to upload a document is due to special characters like French accents appearing in the source document name. While you can customise the title for the document once it is uploaded, you should always ensure you rename the source file on your computer to a name without any special characters before you upload it to EngagementHQ. Read this article to understand what characters are NOT allowed in a filename.

Check the file size

A document file size can be up to 200 MB. However, it's best practice to try and keep your file sizes to about 5MB. You want participants to be able to access the file easily, so it is important the files are within 2 to 5 MB and not bigger. You can split large documents into smaller documents and then try uploading again.

For images, read the article about the Best Image Sizes in EngagementHQ

Invalid / Interrupted uploads

If your upload was interrupted an error message with 'Invalid' should be displayed. Simply rename the file on your computer and try the upload again. 

Internet Connection

Depending on the size of the document or file you are trying to upload, your internet upload speed will greatly influence your ability to upload large files successfully.
If you are experiencing long upload times, we suggest checking your internet speed using and observing the upload speed of your connection.

This will help you identify if there are any connection issues that could be causing your files to upload slowly.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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