Changes to Granicus Terms of Use

As of 24th April 2024, there will be a new Terms of Use policy taking effect

Written by Kira Hartley
Updated over a week ago

At Granicus, we periodically review our policies and terms to ensure we’re providing the highest level of protection and clarity for our users. These changes will take effect on April 24th, 2024.

New regulatory changes required us to adjust the Terms of Use to accurately reflect the scope of offerings and associated terms of use. Therefore we:

  • Reorganised and simplified our Terms of Use to make them easier to understand and to comply with legal requirements; and

  • Enhanced the clarity and transparency for users, ensuring they understand their rights and obligations when engaging with either Granicus and or the Entity.

Note that none of these updates will impact your ability to continue to use the services that Granicus offers. View both policies via the links below:

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