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Introducing: Survey Refresh for Participants
Introducing: Survey Refresh for Participants

Discover the newly enhanced survey experience, with a mobile-first design featuring improved accessibility and performance.

Written by Kira Hartley
Updated over a week ago

Surveys are the most widely used tool in the EngagementHQ suite. With the broad range of question types, you can use surveys to collect elaborate information, opinions, and perspectives from your community.

Our new look for surveys demonstrates EngagementHQ’s commitment to ongoing enhancements and improving the survey-taking experience. While there are no changes to the admin experience, this update will improve the performance and accessibility of surveys for participants.

The survey refresh emphasizes inclusive engagement and our ongoing commitment to accessible practices by featuring:

  • A mobile-first design

  • Greater response to assistive technology

  • An updated interface for participants

  • Enhanced question layout

You can see the full list of improvements in our detailed release notes, or visit About the Survey Tool to learn more about surveys.

Please note that any customizations added to your surveys may interfere with the new design. Check out the refresh by testing your surveys on mobile and desktop devices.

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