EngagementHQ Support and Escalation process

How to connect or contact the EngagementHQ support team

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EngagementHQ Support and Escalation process

This article aims to provide you with comprehensive information on how to connect with the EngagementHQ support team, the various channels available, our response times, self-help resources what to do if your query requires escalation and how you can provide feedback on your support experience.

Accessing Technical Support – How to connect and communicate

When you need assistance, reaching out to our support team is easy. Here are the primary ways to get in touch.

  1. In-App Chat (primary contact): The quickest and most convenient way to contact us is through our in-app chat feature. Simply log in to your EngagementHQ site and click on the chat bubble, which is accessible from every page. Our goal is to respond within 2 minutes and resolve your query within an hour. You can also share images and videos through the chat for better assistance. Please note that our support team operates 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

  2. Request a Call. If your query is complex and difficult to explain via chat, you can request a call through the chat-feature. This enables real-time communication, allowing us to understand and address your issues more effectively. We can even use screen sharing if necessary, making it especially helpful for bug-related or intricate problems.

  3. Site down: In the unfortunate event that your site is down, preventing you from accessing the chat, you can still reach out for help. Start a chat for the Helpdesk page, where the chat option is readily available.

Secondary contact via Email

If you prefer email communication or are unable to chat, you can contact us at support@engagementhq.com. Our target response time is 3 hours.

Self-help resources

Empowering you to find solutions independently, our helpdesk offers an array lot of self-help articles covering the tools and functionality of our platform. The helpdesk section can be accessed via the link provided or directly from your EngagementHQ sites’ backend. Click on the chat icon and then click on “Help” to access our comprehensive articles.

Escalation process

Should you have a query not be resolved at the initial support level, we have an escalation process in place:

1: Contact us: Use the same support channel to convey that your issue requires escalation.

2: Manager Involvement: Once escalated, your query will be brought to the attention of our manager, who will personally oversee its resolution. This ensures that even the most challenging issues receive the attention they deserve.

Feedback & Satisfaction

We value your feedback on your support experience. After your chat session, you will have the opportunity to rate your interaction. Similarly, if you contact us via email, you will receive a survey after your case has been closed. Your ratings and feedback are vital in helping us continually improve our support services.

Thank you for choosing EngagementHQ. We are committed to providing you with top-notch support, and we look forward to assisting you with all your queries and assistance needs.

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