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Color Mapping for the Classic project page theme on the Appearance editor
Color Mapping for the Classic project page theme on the Appearance editor

Learn how changing the primary and secondary colors will affect your project page on Classic theme

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This article describes with examples, the changes seen when the primary and secondary colors are changed.

Changes in the classic theme apply to the Primary colors 2, 3, and Secondary color 6. There are no changes on the project page/site upon changing secondary colors 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The changes in Primary color 2 on the classic project theme are listed below.

Changing primary color 2

  1. On the registration form, the button color on the sign-in/registration prompt on the homepage. See the example below.

2. On the project page, changing color 2 changes the color of widget headings, emails, buttons, icons, and the color of the active tool tab. See the example below.

Changing Primary Colour 3

Changing primary color 3 will change the color of the project title and description, social media icons, descriptive text of widgets, and title text of widgets. The color change for the widget title can be seen once the widget is opened in a separate tab. See the examples below.

Changing Secondary Colour 6

Changing secondary color 6 will also change the background color of the project page. See the example below. The color of the project page is changed to green.

Note: Secondary color 6 cannot be changed by the admins. Please contact the customer support team via online chat to make this change.

Note: When using the Fresh and Bold theme, elements such as the active tool tab, widget title, etc can be changed from the Appearance editor settings. To do this, go to Appearance editor > Project Styles > Advanced Colour Overrides > Enable advanced color overrides > Change the colors as required.

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