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Why does my reporting page look weird or different?
Why does my reporting page look weird or different?

Learn why your reporting page looks different and what to do about it

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The Reporting section allows you to download the reports from your consultation. Sometimes it may appear different as in the screenshot below. It can happen when your IT team makes changes to your Network firewall, which blocks third-party application links. This change may also prevent Reporting page CSS to load, thus paralyzing the entire reporting section in EHQ. This leads to the formatting of Reporting pages being skewed. You'll not be able to perform the usual tasks that you can easily do on a normal reporting page. E.g

  1. You'll not be able to download reports

  2. Unable to change dates on the reporting page

  3. Unable to filter responses or do survey analysis

What can I do about it?
Please follow the below steps:

  • Open reporting page

  • Open the developer tools as shown in the screenshot

  • Choose the network tab

  • Reload the page

  • Take note of failed calls in Red, mostly these may be the third-party application URLs. These URLs are potentially being blocked by your organization’s firewall and affecting your access to your EngagementHQ reporting menu.

  • Can click on each of them to get a URL

  • Get in touch with your IT / Network team and ask them to rectify the issue

In case your IT team is unable to rectify the issue, kindly contact our support team via the online chat.

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