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Introducing: OpenCities x EngagementHQ Connector
Introducing: OpenCities x EngagementHQ Connector

Connect EngagementHQ projects to your OpenCities website

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With the OpenCities x EngagementHQ connector, you can automatically surface EngagementHQ projects on OpenCities websites, so that community members discover and engage with projects in-context and change makers save precious time on cross-promotion efforts.

Here’s how the EngagementHQ x OpenCities connector is changing the game.

For Business Leaders

Make more out of digital transformation investments by connecting more of your technology stack—decrease time to market with an integration that frees up your team and increases community engagement.

For Communicators

Put the power and control of cross-promotional message updates in the hands of communicators. With easy content organisation and regular syncing, create rich, contextual project recommendations while maintaining brand and message consistency across your entire digital footprint.

For Engagement Professionals

Don’t let promotional logistics get in the way of running a full-spectrum engagement project. Instead, eliminate workflow bottlenecks and focus on delivering best-practice engagement every time.

For Planners

Improve project discovery and end long waits for community feedback. Identify and analyse key strategic issues and emerging trends in real-time with more contextual and relevant data.

Benefits & Features

Link to EngagementHQ projects on your OpenCities homepage

Use a featured layout to sync and display current EngagementHQ projects on your site homepage.

Projects appear automatically in the OpenCities site search

Connect search results directly to EngagementHQ projects, so residents can quickly and easily access all the content they need in one place.

Use Top Tasks to highlight your engagement projects in OpenCities navigation menus

Encourage your community to contribute to the big picture by featuring current projects alongside the content they often access.

Highlight location-based projects in My Area

Show residents their nearest active or past EngagementHQ projects using the My Area map.

Add to dynamic content lists using OpenCities content labels.

Suggest relevant EngagementHQ projects as residents browse related content on your website.

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