EngagementHQ conducts regular accessibility checks to ensure its compliance with WCAG2.1 AA web accessibility standards.

These checks are completed by our independent accessibility consultant with 18+ years of experience, and holds a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals as well as a Trusted Tester Certification by the US Department of Homeland Security.

While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our accessibility tests using tools such as aXe, NVDA, WAVE, we cannot guarantee that all users of assistive technologies will be able to use our software due to the varying capabilities and skills required to use those technologies.

Our key focus has been to ensure that people with disabilities are able to perform their duties and interact with digital engagement projects hosted on EngagementHQ with ease.

Since we provide a range of content management features which allow end-users (administrators of EHQ) to change and control content we are not able to control all facets of content hosted on our sites.

This requires administrators of EHQ to ensure they are using our tools in a way which supports the relative accessibility obligations incumbent on them.

We will continuously improve our platform where new standards are introduced, or areas of our software are identified as not meeting requirements but hold sole discretion over the timings of improvements and remedies as they align with our software development program.

Current Voluntary Accessibility Report

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