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Outbound SMS with MessageMedia x EngagementHQ

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Our partnership with MessageMedia means you can integrate outbound SMS into your engagement lifecycle with ease. Send SMS communication in bulk to promote upcoming consultations, update participants on progress or close the loop using one of our purpose-built partner packages.

Why we partner with MessageMedia

So your team can easily integrate MessageMedia into their workflows to:

  • Promote an engagement

  • Update participants on progress

  • Communicate the outcome of an engagement


To set up a MessageMedia account with an engagement partner package, you must have an EngagementHQ License with Site Admin permissions.

Set up your MessageMedia account

  • In your EngagementHQ account, click Marketplace in the left sidebar menu

  • In the Marketplace navigate to MessageMedia under the Email & SMS tab or via the search bar

  • Select the package that best suits your teams need and click Get Package

  • Complete account registration details

  • Verify Account with phone

  • Choose the related Pricing Plan for your region, from there a MessageMedia account manager is assigned > Platform Access is granted > Dashboard configured

Import numbers to MessageMedia

Developing an Outbound SMS strategy

Once you've set up Outbound SMS with MessageMedia it's time to create your SMS strategy based on Project insights from EngagementHQ.

You should never send text messages for the sake of sending text messages. Not only does each message cost you money, but it's also a fast way to receive the dreaded "STOP" response from your community. Nobody wants to receive spam so it's essential to think carefully about how each communication contributes to building a trusting relationship with your community.

You can break your Outbound SMS strategy into two parts: transactional and campaign SMS:

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is the act of sending a text message when a specific trigger or event occurs. This can be an event such as the end of a Project or when key dates change.

Campaign SMS

Campaign SMS are centred around a specific goal, such as to drive participation in a particular Project. Once you have a set goal, you can work backward to determine what metric you want to track to indicate success. Every campaign SMS should include a call to action, such as a link to participate.

Before launching either strategy, clearly define the goal of each and every text you send to your community. Is it to encourage a specific action like participation? Is it to inform them of a particular event like a change in the waste collection schedule?

By defining your goals first, you can determine the specific metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and help you determine if the text message reaches its goal or require iteration.

Once you have your SMS strategy in place, it's important not to set and forget it. You should set aside time every fortnight to review your SMS metrics and ensure they're tracking towards the goals you've set. We can't wait to see what you achieve with the EngagementHQ x MessageMedia partnership.

What's next?

Research legal obligations for SMS in your location

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