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Appearance Editor FAQs
Appearance Editor FAQs

All the answers you need to know to convert your old homepage into the new Appearance Editor

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Appearance Editor FAQs

What is the importance of the homepage?

Showcase projects
Use the homepage to promote your projects. Ensure that the required projects are highlighted and visitors to the homepage are called to perform some action on the project. All your site themes have project cards which make it easy to select your project.

Link directly to a published tool
Have a survey you want your visitors to take? Then make sure it is at a prominent position on the homepage. This may be missed if you expect people to find it within a project, so provide a link on the homepage directly to the tool (survey, poll, forum, stories, ideas, etc.). Again, ensure the tool is published.

Themes with widgets
Similar to tools, you can promote your widgets directly on the homepage. This could be the FAQs, Key Dates, Photo, Video, or any of the other available widgets.

Assign a custom link
This is handy when you wish to link to your organization or another external website from your EHQ site.

Provide a direct link to your hub
The projects section of the article on Choosing the sections of the Appearance editor

provides a guide on how to link to your hub landing page from the site homepage.

What is the new Appearance Editor?

The Appearance Editor provides a new, easy way to manage and customize your engagement portal’s look and feel. Customize your homepage, set your global colours, fonts, project page themes all within the new ‘Appearance’ section of your EngagementHQ dashboard.

How is the new Appearance Editor different from the old homepage editor?

EngagementHQ’s old homepage editor helped you arrange and display project tiles on your homepage, driving visitors to your main projects. While you had some control of the look of your homepage, you were confined to the layout of the template you initially chose.

The new Appearance Editor will still help you arrange and display project details on your homepage, offering more flexibility and options for how your projects are displayed while also providing participants new tools to search and find more projects of interest.

What NEW features are available in the Appearance Editor?

Project Showcase: Simplify how you display projects on your homepage, keeping your active projects front and center.

Project page themes: Update the look and feel of your project pages with new themes. Choose from three new theme options: classic, fresh and bold.

New homepage templates: The old days of choosing a homepage template and sticking to it are gone. You now have the flexibility to choose a different template, edit that template, or start from scratch. Consider these templates a starting point for your new design.

Free Unsplash image editor: Easily search and add royalty-free stock images to your homepage directly from the Appearance Editor.

Add widgets to your homepage: Want to make key dates or FAQs more visible on your site? No problem. In the new Appearance Editor, you can simply add them as widgets directly to your homepage.

Advanced color mapping: Align your EngagementHQ site colors with your corporate brand colors. The new Appearance Editor offers advanced color mapping for more control.

Note: The above features are free and can be turned on once the Appearance Editor is published in your engagement portal.

Can I keep my current template in the Appearance Editor?

You will not be able to retain your current template when you switch to the Appearance Editor, as you will need to choose a new template, and build your homepage afresh. The Appearance Editor does have templates like Whitehaven and Bondi, which existed in the old homepage editor, but these differ in some ways in their look and functioning now. You can select any template you choose to start and you can easily add a variety of new sections and tools to any template you choose.

In the Appearance Editor, you can easily switch templates. However, changing the template means creating a new homepage from scratch, as the content will not transition between templates. Having said that, you may not need to change templates at all, as the wide variety of sections allow you to totally modify the look of your homepage as you like.

Will all my current information automatically transfer to the new Appearance Editor?

No, your current homepage content will not transition automatically to the new Appearance Editor. EngagementHQ's old homepage editor will soon be retired. That means you cannot go back to the old editor once you publish your content on the new editor.

How do I get the Appearance Editor enabled on my site?

Our support team will simply enable the new Appearance Editor for you. Simply confirm you are ready via the in-app chat function or email

What happens when the Appearance Editor is enabled on my site?

Once enabled, you will be able to work on a draft version of your new homepage. Your current homepage will remain intact until you “Publish” your new homepage on the Appearance Editor.

Check-in with your Engagement Manager if you need ideas or a second set of eyes on your new homepage before you publish.

Is there an additional cost to enable the Appearance Editor?

No. The Appearance Editor is an upgraded content management feature that is free to all EngagementHQ clients.

Who on my team will have access to the new Appearance Editor?

Anyone you have provided Site Administrator access to will have access to create, review and publish your homepage.

What happens to my current homepage once I enable the new one?

Your current homepage will remain intact under Site Management > Homepage editor.

You will see a new menu option for the Appearance Editor: Appearance

As you work on the draft of your new homepage, your current homepage will still remain live until you “Publish” your new homepage.

I have accidentally published my homepage, what do I do?

If you have published your new homepage, we cannot restore your old one. We recommend advising all of your Site Admins about the Appearance Editor.

What resources are available to help me learn more about the Appearance Editor?

We’re excited to see what you create and are here to help you! The below resources will give you a good foundation to start building and customizing the portal homepage you’ve always wanted.

Will I have access to the same new features if I do not switch to the Appearance Editor?

No. New features will be built on the new Appearance Editor.

Will the old homepage editor continue to work?

EngagementHQ plans to retire the old homepage editor; we will announce timeframes for this work as available. The earlier you make the switch, the better. Speak to your Engagement Manager if you need additional support.

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