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Beta Participation Agreement
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Great products start as great ideas.

Want to explore new features, contribute your voice and to the latest in EngagementHQ, and don't mind the occasional bug? Then you’re right where you belong.

By joining this Beta release you’re helping shape the evolution of EngagementHQ. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

By opting into a Beta test, you are accepting the Beta Program Terms below:

  1. License. Beta features will be enabled in your current EngagementHQ account under your current license during the evaluation period. If you are testing a feature that is not a part of your current license, that feature will no longer be available after the Beta closes unless added to your license.

  2. Use and Responsibility. You acknowledge that you are responsible for any use and access to your account's Beta features. These Beta features are the Confidential Information of Bang the Table and are experimental, pre-release, and may not function as expected.

  3. Trade Secrets and Confidentiality. You acknowledge that the Beta is confidential and proprietary to Bang the Table and contains trade secrets. You hereby agree that you shall not disclose any information relating to the Beta to third parties without prior written permission from Bang the Table.

  4. Feedback. Feedback and other information you provide to Bang the Table during the Beta phase may be used by Bang the Table to improve or enhance product and service offerings. Bang the Table shall have a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to use such feedback and information without restriction, provided that the public disclosure of any such feedback identifiable to you shall only be by the mutual agreement of you and Bang the Table.

  5. Support and Updates. Beta features should be used in the manner described by each individual program. Bang the Table shall have no obligation to support or provide support services to you relating to the use of Beta features. Bang the Table may, however, make such services available to you at its sole discretion. Support response times and fixes do not fall under our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  6. Commercial Availability. Bang the Table is not required to make any Beta features available on a given timeline following Beta test completion. Evaluation of feedback and the decision to move forward with a Beta feature is at the sole discretion of Bang the Table.

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