Konveio is a content engagement tool that is available through our Marketplace.

If you have added Konveio to your EngagementHQ license, you will most likely want to integrate it into one, or multiple, of your project pages.


Konveio documents can be engaged within EngagementHQ. Here is a quick checklist to get your document and EngagementHQ page ready to go:

  1. Upload your documents into Konveio

  2. Change the Konveio settings so anyone can participate (see below under "Recommended Settings")

  3. Grab the Konveio embed code and get in touch with our support team. We will help to make the embed look nice.

  4. Prepare your EngagementHQ project page for launch.

  5. Launch!

Our integration is visual in nature, meaning that at this point in time there is no data sharing between both tools for privacy and security reasons. Nevertheless, you can integrate Konveio into EngagementHQ to achieve a seamless experience for your participants.

Konveio as an EngagementHQ Tool

Just like all your other tools, we can help you integrate Konveio visually so that it appears as another tool in the project page tool tab. We do this by re-purposing a Guestbook tool to show Konveio instead.

In the above project, the "Konveio" tab hosts Konveio. You can see the live example here. Upon clicking into the tool, Konveio will open in its own standalone page, just like most other EngagementHQ tools.

This integration currently requires some help from us to achieve a seamless look and feel. Please get in touch with us for assistance when you are ready to launch the page.

Since you are managing EngagementHQ and Konveio through two separate portals, there are two sets of settings to be considered.


You can very much manage your page as normal, just keeping in mind that a project page needs to have the Guestbook tool available to host Konveio. We can't see any circumstance in which you would want to maintain a Guestbook alongside Konveio, so this should be safe.

Secondly, the project page can either be in Public, Panelled or Protected visibility.

Third, the participant type of the Guestbook tool is ignored for the integration, but the Guestbook has to be published or archived for this to work.


The most important setting for the integration to work properly can be found in the settings. Ensure that the two checkboxes under Comments are configured as you can see below.

With the settings as above, you can now decide if you want your participants to only be able to place comments on your Konveio document if they have an EngagementHQ account, or if you are happy for them to participate without an account.

As you will know, we have a similar setting in EngagementHQ where you can choose between unverified and registered participation and you can think of it working in the same way!

Either: I want my participants to have an EngagementHQ account before they can participate.

This will be the default behavior if you ask our support team to help you with the embed.

If a participant is already logged into their EngagementHQ account, they can simply participate and their comment is associated with their EngagementHQ username.

If not, they will see a prompt as below.

Or: I am happy for my participants to engage without an EngagementHQ account.

This will allow anyone to leave a comment on all documents, as long as they leave a username and email. As with EngagementHQ unverified participation, however, neither has to be real. Your participants will see a comment box like below appear. After they have entered a name for the first time, that name is saved for the remainder of the session. This means they don't have to repeatedly enter their name.

To achieve this behavior, simply remove id="konveio from the Konveio embed code that is in your Guestbook tool. If you are unsure about this, ask our support team and they will be happy to help.

To understand how Real-time collaboration works on Konveio, you can refer to this blog.

If you have any questions or would like to explore more ways to integrate Konveio, please get in touch with us via chat or email us at support@engagementhq.com.

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