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Your color options with the new Appearance editor
Your color options with the new Appearance editor

Understanding the usage of brand color and project page colors after publishing your new homepage

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Using a good color palette will determine the final look and feel of your site. Consider adding your organization's theme/colors, which will keep the consistency and give your visitors a familiar feel across all your sites and projects.

This article explains the process of changing your site colors and how the changes affect the colors on your project pages once you publish your homepage.

Brand Color

The brand color is your organization’s brand color. On your home page, the brand color impacts only project buttons automatically. But you may manually change the color of another call to action buttons, header, footer, text color, and so on in their respective sections. This also reflects on the new themes Bold and Fresh but doesn’t impact the Classic theme.

The Brand color can be accessed by going to the Global Styles section of the Appearance editor.

Once there, click on the Brand Color button and then select the color of your choice before clicking on Save.

You also have the option of adding brand colors to elements in different sections of your home page, like Banner, Slider & Register banner buttons, featured project card, header and footer.

Brand color and project page themes

The brand color also impacts Bold and Fresh project themes. The Classic theme will still retain its Primary and Secondary colors, which will apply as it did on project pages that were using the old home page editor. By default, the brand color is assigned to elements on both Bold and Fresh themes that can be changed with color overrides.

The table below shows how the Primary and Secondary colors impact the Classic theme based on previous home page templates (i.e. Bondi, Whitehaven, Cottesloe etc.)

Project page colors

Project page color overrides are only for the Bold and Fresh Themes. This work is similar to what Primary and Secondary colors did for the Classic theme. Color overrides help enhance your project pages.

You can choose the project page themes by going to Project Styles and then Project page themes.

The project page color options can be accessed by clicking on the Project Styles option and then Color.

For both Fresh and Bold themes we have similar color overrides. The default colors have been set to distinguish the two themes.

The color overrides have been grouped into two. The first are Breadcrumb links, Links, and Page background. These are common elements that are usually changed. The second is ‘Advanced color overrides’ that contain all the other elements that can be used to customize a page even further. Toggle the switch to view all the overrides.

If you've enabled advanced color overrides, please check out our help article here.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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