This article provides a detailed understanding on the color changes and themes on project pages.

You have to visit the Appearance page, click on Project styles and then click on Project Page themes to make changes to your project page.

Project Page Themes

There are 3 kinds of themes to choose to fit your project.

  1. Classic : This is a default theme that does not support advanced color, shadow or corner settings.

2. Fresh : This gives your project page a band new look. The page feels lighter with tools and widgets having soft shadows and rounded corners.

3. Bold : This theme like the fresh theme, has a light feel with framed content containers and a well defined right widget column.

After choosing the required project styles theme, you can make changes to the colors by following the below steps ;

If you have chosen the theme ‘Classic’, you can then make changes to the Primary colors.

Here, you can view and edit the 3 primary colours as shown below.

To change a primary colour, click on a colour in the Primary Colours section. You can view a colour palette. Select a colour from the colour palette, as indicated in the figure below. You can also click on the ‘#hex’ value (#D45671 in case of the first primary colour) to customize it.

Once the colour is set, scroll down and click the Save button to save the changes. You have successfully replaced the old primary colour with a new one.

Primary Colour #2

Changing the primary colour will change the Tool tab title on the project pages, button color and hyperlinks on the project pages and the widgets title and font colour on the project pages.

Here is an example:

Primary colour #3

Changing the Primary colour 3 will change the colors of the introduction title and description fonts of the project and the tools and change the content.

Here is an example:

We also have the option of Advanced Color Overrides. This option only appears when the Fresh or Bold theme is selected. You can use these advanced settings to customize your site further.

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