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Learn how EngagementHQ caters for mobile devices.
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EngagementHQ is designed to automatically adjust for the best user experience based on the screen size and resolution of the device it is visited from. This is known as 'Responsive web design' and is rapidly becoming standard across the web.

As the admin of your site, you should be aware of how your site looks on different devices. Hence we recommend you regularly check your sites and any new projects you publish on a range of devices with different screen sizes.

Although responsive view provides end-users with a seamless user experience when they visit an EngagementHQ site on their mobile, there are a few subtle differences that you should be aware of. These result from an effort to ensure your visitors do not need to scroll horizontally.

As such, the content of your projects will be ordered in the responsive view as follows:

  • Navigation Menu

  • Project Banner

  • Project Introduction / Description

  • Feedback Tools (Tabs will be displayed)

  • Widgets

  • Footer Links

TIP: To test how your site looks on a different-sized screen, simply drag your browser window to whatever size you want to see. Remember, the site is responsive, it will automatically adjust to whatever screen size it is being looked at, which in this case is your browser window. 

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