100 Ideas to Help Engage Your Community Online

Ideas to engage.

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This short booklet was put together to kickstart your thinking about online community engagement.

After hosting something like 1,000 consultations for over 150 organisations since 2007, we’ve had our fair share of experience. It’s this experience that has helped us to develop our “100 Ideas” handbook.

We’ve written it with the time-poor in mind – the time-poor being our most important online audience. And we’ve tried to walk the line; creating a resource that will help you get up and running online, without weighing you down with too much information.

We hope it will prove useful for people working across a range of sectors; community engagement, public relations, communications, Government 2.0 Strategy and project management.

A few of our ideas are controversial, many are common sense; we hope all will help you navigate across this new and burgeoning field of online community engagement.

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