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Think about where you place information on a page
Think about where you place information on a page

Content placement on your page.

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Location. Location. Location!

This is an important one and I’m not talking about where you should be investing in property.

I’m talking about the placement of content on a page. We know that keeping visitor attention is a challenge, and scientific studies show that people generally “scan” web pages in a pattern referred to as the F-Layout. This basically means that they read the screen in an “F” pattern, focusing on the top, upper left corner and left sides and occasionally glancing to the right side of the screen.

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So when it comes to your engagement site, think about how you can use the F-Layout concept to maximise the site. In particular, think about:

  1. How your banner, its messaging and design fits into the equation.

  2. Where your calls to action sit on your page.

  3. Providing links to the relevant information (links score high on the “clickability” scale).

  4. Integrating your “less viewed” content (via links) on the lower right side of your page to the areas within the F.

There is a great article that delves into the F-Layout in more detail here.

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