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Check Out These Chrome Extensions We Like
Check Out These Chrome Extensions We Like
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It probably won't come as a surprise to you. We, at Bang the Table, work in Chrome and we recommend you do too when managing your EHQ.

One of the reasons why we like Chrome is because there are heaps of extensions that you can add for free to your Chrome. Here is a list of those we like and use (click on the title to learn more about it). What extension do you use?

Corporate Ipsum

You will have seen the 'Lorem Ipsum' text that fills blanks on websites which are under development. It is basically meaningless text. Business talk can be full of meaningless words too, so someone combined the two into a Corporate Ipsum generator. Perfect to fill in blank space in EHQ until your content is ready with sentences like this: "Seamlessly optimize revolutionary models and performancebased experiences. Distinctively impact high standards in applications."

Session Buddy

Save your browsing session and come back the next day to continue where you left off. Perfect if you have a range of sites you have always open, e.g. a bunch of EHQ projects you are working on.

Page Ruler

We bet you haven't used a ruler since high-school. That might change with this great extension which lets you measure spaces on any site. Perfect if you have forgotten the size of images across EHQ, for example on the Whitehaven homepage.

View Image Info (Properties)

A simple right-click on any image and you can check how large the image really is. This is a crucial tool for anybody who is using lots of images on their site, ie those EHQ pages out there using Whitehaven. Helps you find the images that are too large and take too long to load.


A great little helper to notify you of any typos or misplaced commas. Also assists you looking up synonyms with their definitions.

Window Resizer

You probably already know that EHQ is responsive. That means it automatically adjusts to the size of the screen it is looked at from. But did you know you can have extensions that change your window size to a different screen size with one click? This extensions does just that, so you can quickly check if everything looks great on mobile devices too.

These are just recommendations. We are not responsible for the content or performance of any extensions.

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