Impacts of changing a published survey

Things to consider before editing a published survey.

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Once you add a survey and make changes to it, the results must be noted. In general, we recommend YOU NEVER make changes to published surveys that have submissions saved. Making changes can have the following impacts:

  • Incomplete survey responses

Any changes to the published survey will delete all incomplete responses. When the survey runs in multiple pages, participants can save their responses and complete the survey at a later point. Thus the change will affect the data accuracy and deletes all the incomplete survey responses. Participants will have to start the survey all over again.

  • Data Analysis

The survey data will become corrupt in the following situations:

  • Renaming or editing options for questions types. For example: Radio buttons, Check Boxes, etc.

  • Changing question type. For example from radio buttons to check boxes.

  • Change of logic for dependent questions.

  • Reordering the questions

Of course, a situation might arise in which you have to amend a survey that is published. In this case, we recommend you clone the existing survey, make the change to the clone, publish the clone and unpublish the original survey. The downside of this is that you will have two separate datasets afterwards, but it is your safest option.

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