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The mapper tool is arguably one of the most enjoyable tools for participants to engage in. As a participant you can move the map around, zoom in and out before you place your own marker(s) and read the ideas or comments of other visitors.

Last week Auckland Transport archived their consultation on "Safe cycles routes" and during this consultation collected more than 700 comments, which you can see below or here.

This is a record. We have never seen a map with more engagement!

When you look at the map you will see two things.

  1. A fantastically engaged community

  2. A couple of problems with a response rate this high!

Due to the large number of markers, the map becomes just one big glob of blue. There is obviously room for improvement on how the mapping tool could display this amount of information better. Luckily, our EHQ mapping tool will be reviewed later this year and little problems like that will be addressed. Look out for more detail later in the year.

In the meantime, have you thought about using the mapper tool for your own consultation? Get in touch with us to talk through some ideas if you like.

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